World Aerobiology 2024

"Best Presentation on Fungal Spores" Award

This award will be granted to an author presenting an aeromycological study at the World Aerobiology 2024 Conference in Vilnius. The winner will be awarded with the book:

Li D-W, Magyar D, Kendrick B (2023) Color Atlas of Fungal Spores. A laboratory identification Guide. ACGIH, Cincinnati, USA, pp. 852, ISBN: 978-1-60726-163-6.

This comprehensive color atlas and manual serves as an invaluable resource for identifying fungal spores. With descriptions of over 500 species and nearly 1,000 color images, it stands as one of the most extensive illustrated manuals in its field to be published in recent years. Its primary purpose is to aid in the identification of fungal allergens, allowing for the analysis of their daily and seasonal variations, as well as the composition of fungal spores present in the air. The authors have meticulously collected these images through their microscopic examinations spanning two decades, and among them are several unique and groundbreaking visuals. Furthermore, the book incorporates revised and updated scientific nomenclature for these spores, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Designed as a laboratory manual for fungal spore identification, this publication is an essential tool for professionals in environmental microbiology laboratories, aeromycologists, aerobiologists, bioaerosol scientists, indoor air quality experts, as well as graduate students conducting lab work or research.

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This award will be granted by Donát Magyar, coauthor of the book.


The award is open to those who attend the World Aerobiology 2024 Conference in Vilnius with an accepted abstract about a study on fungal spores.

Basis of the Award

Authors of a presentation based on the identification of fungal spores by morphological characteristics will be given priority.


There is no application form for this award. The applicant’s name and the presentation in pdf format should be sent via email to the local organizers of the World Aerobiology 2024 Conference (email address: with application to the “Best Presentation on Fungal Spores Award” in the subject.


Applications should be received not later than: June 25, 2024. The applications will be evaluated during the conference where the Applicants will be informed of the panel decision.