World Aerobiology 2024

Grants & awards

International Association for Aerobiology

The International Association for Aerobiology is offering 8 grants. More information on IAA webpage:

European Aerobiology Society

The European Aerobiology Society offers 3 grants. More information on EAS webpage: 

International Ragweed Society

The International Ragweed Society offers 5 grants. More information on IRS webpage:


European Aerobiology Society Awards

  • Best Poster Award
  • Best Oral Presentation Award

Awards of the Vilnius University, the Host of the Event

  • Best Student Poster Award
  • Best Student Oral Presentation Award

"Best Presentation on Fungal Spores" Award

This award will be granted to an author presenting an aeromycological study at the World Aerobiology 2024 Conference in Vilnius. The winner will be awarded with the book:
Li D-W, Magyar D, Kendrick B (2023) Color Atlas of Fungal Spores. A laboratory identification Guide. ACGIH, Cincinnati, USA, pp. 852, ISBN: 978-1-60726-163-6.