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Visa & Invitation letter

Visa and Invitation letter

Visitors who are not citizens of a European Union Member State and who want to enter the Republic of Lithuania must be in possession of the appropriate visa. If you are in possession of a valid Schengen visa, or national visa issued by other Schengen state, you may enter the Republic of Lithuania and remain for the period indicated on a visa, but not exceeding 90 days in any 180 day period.

To visit Lithuania, you must have a valid passport or ID card (if you are a citizen of an EU country). A visa is required for citizens of countries that do not have visa-exemption agreements with Lithuania. Information on the visa requirements and the location of embassies can be found on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participants who require a letter of invitation are welcome to contact Conference Secretariat. It is not obligatory for those who are going to take care of the visa by themselves. We kindly request that you consult with the relevant institutions in your country about the procedure and required documents before inquiring for the invitation letter.

Participant must be registered and have fully paid participant’s fee. 

If an mediation letter by Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania for visa purposes is required, please complete this form: Aerobiology 2024 Mediation letter application form

For confirmation of your paper’s acceptance, please contact