World Aerobiology 2024

Welcome address by EAS


It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to the biggest event on Aerobiology ever.

I write this very convinced because this time the event gathers three scientific societies and, although when I write I do not know which will be the participation, one can think that it can attract the higher number of scientists than three events celebrated unilaterally within a short period of time.

I am very proud of the collaboration of the three societies in a single meeting, because this shows our open minds and good relationship, our aims of sharing, our consciousness about sustainability, … I sincerely thank the Presidents and the boards of IAA and IRS to have proposed to join efforts with EAS, when she was beginning to organise its ESA 2024.

I hope that if you are reading this text it is because you are already interested in aerobiology or perhaps just curious about it. Go ahead and look for the wide topics of the conference! Exciting! Everything is there! … or perhaps we discover, during the meeting, that not yet because new insights open new doors.

Aerobiology is exciting, a never-ending story! When one gets to know the pollen and spore types present in the study area, new ones appear, due to long range transport or to species dispersion and introduction. When one thinks that has characterized the dynamics of the airborne taxa in the study area, meteorology behaves particularly different along one or several years or climate change makes evident that the already developed models doesn’t work. When one thinks that the allergens from the pollen and spores are known and that there are the medical treatments for them, new allergens appear, or we know about the interaction of the microbiome around pollen grains on the health. When there is an extended method worldwide agreed for sampling the airborne particles and rather common rules to analyse the samples and aerobiologists have agreed to create and international aerobiological network, technology pushes to find new automatized methods to obtain uninterruptedly data… and…and…and…

How many “ands” will be revealed in World Aerobiology 2024? Come! Participate! Contribute to this exciting progress in aerobiology! Let’s aerobiology together!

Convinced about the success of the event and hoping this can be the first of a long series of joint “world aerobiology” scientific events, in the name of EAS Board you are warmly welcomed to World Aerobiology 2024. 

Jordina Belmonte

President, European Aerobiology Society

Maira Bonini

Vice-President, European Aerobiology Society